Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Looking back at my first few posts, you may recall a struggle with a certain sphere and a desire to move beyond it. 

I moved a little far. 
On the CG cookie website, there's a tab that says START HERE and then another one that says TUTORIALS.

Naturally, I went to START HERE first --> which is where the spheres come in.

So, having watched all of the START HERE videos (except for the ones on how to install a graphics tablet, etc., etc. ), I went on to the the TUTORIALS tab.

Under TUTORIALS, there are a bunch of little options that I figured would just be included when I clicked on the tab... I thought wrong. 

But there I am, unaware of this fact, and head on straight to what I thought would be the most basic tutorial --> How to draw Melvin: 

This is how far I got before I realized my mistake:

Now, he's alright... but I'm thinking my work may improve if I go back over these newly discovered basics videos.


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